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Crystal Healing

1 hr - £45

Crystal healing is an ancient holistic, energy-based system of healing with crystals and gemstones.

The crystals and gemstones gets placed precisely either on the body and/or around the body.

Crystal healing brings mind, body and soul back into balance to promote self healing. It is therapeutic and deeply relaxing. 

Other benefits of Crystal healing:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

  • Can relieve migraine and headaches

  • Helps with chronic fatigue and insomnia

  • Can make you feel calm and at peace

  • Can enhance clarity and focus

  • Can relieve the physical symptoms of stress-related diseases 

and many more...

In a treatment you will either lie on a treatment table or on the floor in a comfortable position. I use a pendulum and also work intuitively in selecting the crystals/gemstones that is most needed by you. These crystals will be laid on and or around your body. I will activate them and leave them on your body while you relax and the crystals/gemstones serve their purpose.

You might experience release of emotions and sometimes body jerks as the energy works, some tingling or just relaxation and feeling at peace.

Crystal Healing: Service
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